It doesn’t matter whether you run a boat yard, a storage facility, a marina or a yacht club, activities in or near water require very specialist covers. Not least of all in lifting and handling very expensive vessels. Having access to specialists who understand the challenges is essential.

Solutions can include all the liability covers required by port and harbour authorities, as well as protecting the business, its stock, equipment and the vessels it may be responsible for, on water or ashore.

Not all insurers provide these covers, so identifying the ones who do is essential if you are to be protected correctly. That’s our job, and it’s what we do, so find out how we can help you.

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Why do I need a specialist service?

With claims for injury and damage coming thick and fast, wherever people are at risk, then there is an exposure. We all know that accidents can happen and they do around boats, lakes, rivers and the sea. Even though most operations are well managed, there is still the possibility of an unforeseen event

If your business is in, on or near the water, then it’s essential you get looked after by specialists. We have over 30 years’ experience and our MD was a boat builder when he left school, so we really do know what we are talking about.

If your business or club is in a marine environment or connected in any way with boats, yachts, pleasure or commercial craft, we can give you all the advice you need. So why not give us a call and find out what we can do for you?

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Would you like help with Commercial Marine Insurance?

We ensure that your exact Commercial Marine Insurance requirements are met and we are not here to sell you a solution that doesn't suit you or your business. If you would like to discuss your Commercial Marine Insurance with a dedicated and passionate specialist just complete the form below and we'll get back to you as fast as we can.