Fleet policies give the operator a greater degree of flexibility than standard commercial vehicle insurance. If you have three or more vehicles then your really should consider a fleet policy. Policies are often for “Any Vehicle in your custody or control.” If you’ve got 10 or more vehicles, a fleet policy is an absolute no brainer.

policies operate differently and as long as the value of your claims don’t exceed 50% of the price you paid, then the premium is unlikely to go up. What’s more claims are averaged over 3 years, so one bad year won’t always have a detrimental effect.

Authorised Driver” basis with the premium based on an age profile, rather than specific named persons.

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But won’t a fleet policy be very expensive?

The absolute opposite is the case, because overall your insurers are getting a lot more money than they would for a single policy, so the cost and the risks are effectively spread for them. They have more money in the pot to cater for claims, it’s that simple!

And whilst a single van insurance can cost as much as £850, even with maximum bonus, on a fleet policy, premiums can go as low as £450. The more vehicles there are, often the cheaper the premium becomes.

Whether you have cars, vans, large commercial vehicles or special types, a fleet solution can cater for all of them. So if you want to know the score, simply contact us to find out how cost effective a fleet solution can really be?

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