We are 100% Fee based and receive no commission from product providers. This means we are only ever placing business in your best interest and there is never a conflict.

  • In some cases there is no commission payable by the product provider, so our fee is simply added.
  • In some cases our partners "net rate" the solution stripping out the commission before supplying it to us, which reduces the tax payable.
  • Where insurers cannot net rate products, normally where they are electronically traded, we will discount the commission 100% before adding our fee.
  • This makes our product solutions up to 30% cheaper than our competitors.

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In certain circumstances insurers may pay us a "Profit Share" on business written over the course of 12 months. This is not more than 5% and has no impact on the rates charged or products supplied to you and is simply a thank you for providing quality clients to them.

When we process Premium Payment Instalments via Premium Credit Limited, an administration surcharge is due to us. This is normally about 2.5% on cases where the annual premium exceeds £750. This is charged simply to cover the extra cost of completing this work on your behalf.

If you still have questions about our remuneration model, please do not hesitate to ask.

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We ensure that your exact Our Fees & How We Get Paid requirements are met and are not here just to sell you a policy that doesn't suit you or your business. If you would like to discuss your PI insurance with a dedicated and passionate specialist just complete the form below and we'll get back to you as fast as we can.