Not all Professional Indemnity Insurance is created equal - so take a look at why using us ensures that you'll be protected.

Often professional indemnity is chosen by shopping around for the cheapest quote from several brokers, which is fine right up until you need to make a claim or get advice about a complex issue – at this point some policyholders realise that their broker is not able to provide the advice or service they need or that the policy is not going to pay the claim.

These problems can occur when a broker is more focussed on sales than on understanding his client’s needs and providing on-going service.

We always start by taking the time to understand your business, the kind of work that you do, the scale and complexity of your contracts and the level of service that you will need from us.

Only then do we approach carefully selected underwriters to seek the very best price for exactly the cover you need.

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Do I Need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

If you are in business then there are three main reasons to buy professional indemnity insurance:

      1. You are a member of a profession that is required by law or the rules of your professional body to purchase a certain level of cover in order to trade.
      2. You are tendering for or contracting with a client who has decided that they will require all consultants and sub-contractors to carry a certain level of cover – no cover, no job.
      3. You care about your family’s financial security, even a small job could expose you to a claim for hundreds of thousands of pounds – you will need very deep pockets if you don’t have cover.

We can provide professional indemnity solutions for every size of business and our no-commission, fee based advice service will in most cases be more cost effective than other brokers.

For individuals and small firms looking for the lowest cost, best value for money PI cover we have a range of self-service online products that offer super-fast quotes and instant cover.

Our professional indemnity products are provided by the top insurance companies, Lloyd’s and London Market underwriters in the PI sector, offering A-Rated security and all of our policies are designed to provide cover that meets and often exceeds the requirements of your professional body.

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Would you like help with Professional Indemnity Insurance?

We ensure that your exact Professional Indemnity Insurance requirements are met and we are not here to sell you a solution that doesn't suit you or your business. If you would like to discuss your PI insurance with a dedicated and passionate specialist just complete the form below and we'll get back to you as fast as we can.