Whether you are a professional property owner, a developer with a portfolio or an accidental landlord through inheritance or bequest, your needs are very specific and the valuable property you hold requires specialist protection.

Whilst the bricks and mortar have to be covered, preferably on an “All-Risks” basis, you will also want cover for loss of rent and property owner’s liability, along with specialist extensions such as landlord’s legal cover, rent guarantee, loss recovery, damage by tenants and home emergency response.

Whether you have residential or commercial property, holiday homes or unoccupied property in the course of renovation, development or sale, we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.


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Surely a house insurance policy is good enough?

House insurance is designed to cover residential property in which the resident is the owner or members of the owner’s family. It can never be used for residential let or commercial property.

Should you have a claim on a household policy for a commercial situation, it is likely that the claims will be thrown out. Landlords or property owners insurance will cover all situations and all types of tenancies.

So if you have a residential property with private tenants, multiple occupants, students, DSS or a housing association, then we can arrange cover easily and if you have commercial property, be it high street retail or industrial with any kind of commercial tenant, the solutions are just as simple. So why not call us today and find out what we can do for you?


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Would you like help with Property Owners Insurance?

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