Now you dont want to break the law, do you?

Currently in the UK there are only two forms of insurance that are required by law, MOTOR INSURANCE and EMPLOYERS LIABILITY cover. The requirements are very specific, but actually very easy to understand, so there is no excuse, if you fall foul of the law. So let’s look at motor insurance today.

Motor insurance under the Road Traffic Act, must as a minimum, cover damage and injury to other people and property. This includes passengers in your vehicle. This used to be called TPO (Third Party Only) cover.

As the costliest claims are personal injuries (covered under TPO) and as the amounts awarded in the courts have increased massively in the last 30 years, there is now very little difference in cost between TPO and Fully Comprehensive. Most insurers don’t offer TPO anymore.

We all know we have to have it and of course with the advent of ANPR Cameras linked to the MID (motor insurers database) the police can tell immediately if you are not insured. So, make sure you have a live policy covering the vehicle and yourself, specifically.

Most fully comp policies give cover to drive another vehicle TPO, which is ok for the law, but this cover generally only extends to the named policyholder and not the other named drivers. So, for instance if your son is named on your policy, he can’t drive his car under your insurance.

As I mentioned earlier, the MID will now tell the police if there is NOT a specific policy on any vehicle being driven, so excuses just won’t wash.

Motor Trade and Fleet policies can sometimes give “Any Motor Vehicle” and “Any Authorised Driver” cover, but that doesn’t extend to personal cars of staff or families and again, vehicles in those businesses still have to be loaded onto the MID.

If you want to be sure what cover you have, what can be driven and who can drive it, look at your certificate. Under description of vehicles, it may have a registration number or be open and under the drivers section it will tell you who can drive and under class of use, what purpose it can be driven for.

If you have a personal car on Class 1 use and are driving it for your business, that will only apply to the named policyholder. If you want anyone else to drive it for the business, then you will need Class 2 or Class 3 business use, which increases the premium by up to 50%.

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An age-old conundrum?

If you are on the high street and want a hoover, then there is probably more than one shop you can walk into and ask how much it costs. You can also look at alternative models and then go home and do comparisons on the internet as well. Happy days, a simple bit of leg work and you have the best price.

Unfortunately, apart from looking up some direct providers online, who provide no advice regarding suitability, the insurance market is not that simple and one of the first questions you will be asked is how much are you paying at the moment?

Your response may be that you don’t want to disclose that, and you just want their best price?

You may think they want to know to quote just a bit less, so they still make as much commission as possible, but could go lower and won’t. You might be right in some cases, but not where a broker like ourselves works solely on fixed fees, that is never the case.

Given our fee model, (no commission) we have no desire other than to get you the best technical solution, at the lowest price, because that is the best way to GAIN or RETAIN a client!

So why do we need to know your current price?

There are a few very good reasons:

  1. Unless we know what the price is we have no idea whether it can be beaten or not?


  1. If your current price is very competitive, we can tell you immediately. We don’t waste time doing unnecessary work and you have your answer very quickly.


  1. Finally, if we don’t have a target to give insurers, they are:


  1. Reluctant to do work when they have no idea if they are going to be successful.
  2. They may decline your quote, to concentrate on the ones they think they can win.
  3. They may quote the rate they’d like to get, rather than their lowest price.
  4. If they know the target, they can bring in discounts to secure business, they are close to winning.

Knowledge is power and we need you to give us every piece of information we need to get the result you want.

We will invariably tell the insurers about 20% less than the figure you give us anyway, just to make sure that we have them aimed squarely at a substantial saving.

Remember we win, if you win, we win together.

We believe that is #openhonesttransparent

Have a great day.


£38,000,000 not a bad business at all, how do you do it?

I once worked for a guy who had built a £38,000,000 business, over 20 years. Working late one night at head office I asked him the secret of his success.

The answer was short and pithy; “Just keep going!”

If you stop, or here’s thing, are stopped by someone, an incident or event, then it’s probably all over and you never get the chance to build that successful business. #Justkeepgoing

Business Continuity is just about that, keep going through thick and thin, through challenges and adversity, through good times and bad and critically never going backwards, ever!

There are lots of things that can happen along the way, most of which are not insurable:

  1. Physical damage
  2. Human factors
  3. Competition
  4. Financial
  5. Production
  6. Technology
  7. Supply chain

The list goes on, but if any one of them is affected, it can have an immediate effect on your activity and the income you derive from it.

Business continuity is about planning for those events, so you can immediately activate plans and have response structures in place to prevent the loss of income.

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Why wouldn’t you?


What is your special power?

We sometime look at the rich, famous and successful and wonder what super power do they have, that got them to where they are today? After all they are still a human being with the same physical and biological challenges that we all have, so what sets them apart.

Well some of them will have been born into privilege and wealth and will have had first class educations, a relatively easy life (not always) and will have had access to people, mentors and capital, through family connections, that most of us will never have.

My message here is you can just put that to one side. No point worrying about it or being jealous, that won’t change a thing in your life. The only person who can change what you are or what journey you follow is you!

So, what else do they have that helps them be successful?

Now we get into the things that everyone can develop or do.

  1. Vision – Decide what you want to do and bend 100% of your effort towards that goal.
  2. Hard Work – Successful people work hard, they put in the necessary hours to reach their goals.
  3. Smart – These people work smart and apply their effort where it will have the best effect.
  4. Fearless – Fear is learnt, you are not born with it. Cast it aside and do whatever it takes, without fear.
  5. Network – Build relationships in your area of expertise, you will need friends, allies and associates.
  6. Team – Find the people who care about your vision and take them with you.
  7. Persistence – Just keep going, as long as you don’t give up you WILL get there.

That’s it. 7 steps to success, if wealth and fame come along, you may or may not  thank yourself, but anyone can be successful if they decide they are going to adopt the attitudes and characteristics that play out well for success.

The truth is, there is no short cut, yes you might become notorious for some event or page 1 scandal, but it will seldom lead to happiness, contentment, or personal satisfaction.

To get all those things you need people around you, family, friends, colleagues, associates and acquaintances. People who want to help you become everything you can be, whilst they also advance their goals alongside yours. Don’t be jealous, if their success comes a bit quicker, help them and they will help you.

Above all be nice

Nice generally wins in the end

Have a great week.