What is your special power?

We sometime look at the rich, famous and successful and wonder what super power do they have, that got them to where they are today? After all they are still a human being with the same physical and biological challenges that we all have, so what sets them apart.

Well some of them will have been born into privilege and wealth and will have had first class educations, a relatively easy life (not always) and will have had access to people, mentors and capital, through family connections, that most of us will never have.

My message here is you can just put that to one side. No point worrying about it or being jealous, that won’t change a thing in your life. The only person who can change what you are or what journey you follow is you!

So, what else do they have that helps them be successful?

Now we get into the things that everyone can develop or do.

  1. Vision – Decide what you want to do and bend 100% of your effort towards that goal.
  2. Hard Work – Successful people work hard, they put in the necessary hours to reach their goals.
  3. Smart – These people work smart and apply their effort where it will have the best effect.
  4. Fearless – Fear is learnt, you are not born with it. Cast it aside and do whatever it takes, without fear.
  5. Network – Build relationships in your area of expertise, you will need friends, allies and associates.
  6. Team – Find the people who care about your vision and take them with you.
  7. Persistence – Just keep going, as long as you don’t give up you WILL get there.

That’s it. 7 steps to success, if wealth and fame come along, you may or may not  thank yourself, but anyone can be successful if they decide they are going to adopt the attitudes and characteristics that play out well for success.

The truth is, there is no short cut, yes you might become notorious for some event or page 1 scandal, but it will seldom lead to happiness, contentment, or personal satisfaction.

To get all those things you need people around you, family, friends, colleagues, associates and acquaintances. People who want to help you become everything you can be, whilst they also advance their goals alongside yours. Don’t be jealous, if their success comes a bit quicker, help them and they will help you.

Above all be nice

Nice generally wins in the end

Have a great week.

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