£38,000,000 not a bad business at all, how do you do it?

I once worked for a guy who had built a £38,000,000 business, over 20 years. Working late one night at head office I asked him the secret of his success.

The answer was short and pithy; “Just keep going!”

If you stop, or here’s thing, are stopped by someone, an incident or event, then it’s probably all over and you never get the chance to build that successful business. #Justkeepgoing

Business Continuity is just about that, keep going through thick and thin, through challenges and adversity, through good times and bad and critically never going backwards, ever!

There are lots of things that can happen along the way, most of which are not insurable:

  1. Physical damage
  2. Human factors
  3. Competition
  4. Financial
  5. Production
  6. Technology
  7. Supply chain

The list goes on, but if any one of them is affected, it can have an immediate effect on your activity and the income you derive from it.

Business continuity is about planning for those events, so you can immediately activate plans and have response structures in place to prevent the loss of income.

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