An age-old conundrum?

If you are on the high street and want a hoover, then there is probably more than one shop you can walk into and ask how much it costs. You can also look at alternative models and then go home and do comparisons on the internet as well. Happy days, a simple bit of leg work and you have the best price.

Unfortunately, apart from looking up some direct providers online, who provide no advice regarding suitability, the insurance market is not that simple and one of the first questions you will be asked is how much are you paying at the moment?

Your response may be that you don’t want to disclose that, and you just want their best price?

You may think they want to know to quote just a bit less, so they still make as much commission as possible, but could go lower and won’t. You might be right in some cases, but not where a broker like ourselves works solely on fixed fees, that is never the case.

Given our fee model, (no commission) we have no desire other than to get you the best technical solution, at the lowest price, because that is the best way to GAIN or RETAIN a client!

So why do we need to know your current price?

There are a few very good reasons:

  1. Unless we know what the price is we have no idea whether it can be beaten or not?


  1. If your current price is very competitive, we can tell you immediately. We don’t waste time doing unnecessary work and you have your answer very quickly.


  1. Finally, if we don’t have a target to give insurers, they are:


  1. Reluctant to do work when they have no idea if they are going to be successful.
  2. They may decline your quote, to concentrate on the ones they think they can win.
  3. They may quote the rate they’d like to get, rather than their lowest price.
  4. If they know the target, they can bring in discounts to secure business, they are close to winning.

Knowledge is power and we need you to give us every piece of information we need to get the result you want.

We will invariably tell the insurers about 20% less than the figure you give us anyway, just to make sure that we have them aimed squarely at a substantial saving.

Remember we win, if you win, we win together.

We believe that is #openhonesttransparent

Have a great day.

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