What’s your biggest fear?

When you arrange insurance for your business, you may be concerned about catastrophic losses, such as Fire, Flood or Explosion or even a Theft of equipment or stock from your premises. Your possessions damaged, destroyed or stolen, but to be honest these losses whilst inconvenient are easily remedied, even if there is some disruption in the short term.

Even if your main premises suffers significant damage, we can instruct contractors to prepare schedules of work, negotiate with loss adjustors, find alternative short-term premises for you to work from, source equipment and even employ chartered practitioners to act for you, #becauseaccidentshappen to nice people all the time.

You can get on and recover and run your business, whilst the claim is dealt with quickly and professionally.

This means you are unlikely to lose customers who you can’t satisfy and makes the impact of the loss far less likely to damage your business beyond repair.

The service we provide goes way beyond arranging the cover and handing you over to an insurer’s claims department, we will promise to:

  1. Deal with you personally at the point of notification
  2. Report the loss to the insurers, so you don’t have to actually deal directly with them
  3. Make sure its positioned correctly within the cover you have
  4. Appoint contractors and adjustors to act for you
  5. Manage the claim actively to get the best settlement possible
  6. Stay engaged until final settlement
  7. Make sure you get maximum support throughout

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