What do I look at first?

When clients are looking for insurance cover they believe they know what they need, so they automatically ask for what they think they need, whether that is online or talking to an insurer or a broker. Makes sense, right?

In most cases they will get what they need and if the person they engage with is professional, they may even get some things they didn’t know they needed, after all you don’t know, what you don’t know.

Unfortunately, if you are tapping buttons online it will give you one of three things, none of which may be exactly what you want:

  1. The cheapest product from a range
  2. The nearest equivalent to what you asked for
  3. The only product available, suitable or not

When you engage with a professional broker, your requirement will be met with a detailed fact-finding process, which will uncover your actual needs. It will discount things which are not appropriate, even if you think you need them and suggest covers you do need or may me be legal requirements, even if you didn’t know about them.

In this way you will end up with a suitable arrangement which meets your needs and protects you, your business and your employees, correctly in the particular circumstances.

We will also do a thing you won’t do, and that is look in detail at the exclusions, clauses, endorsements and warranties. We will make sure that none of them impose conditions that you can’t live with. If we find any of these, we discount that quote and move on to another insurer.

You will never read the policy wording in full, and you are even less likely to understand the implications of certain phrases or the interaction between different sections of the policy, but we know them inside out and we know what to look for and where we will find it.

If you want peace of mind, no nasty surprises when you need to make a claim and cover that meets your needs, #becauseaccidentshappen to nice people all the time, get in touch and guess what? It’s probably less expensive than you think!


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