Face to face whenever we can!

Commitment is key!

What a lovely sunny Monday morning, it is and what a week in prospect I have.

These days lots of our work is done remotely, by phone, email or nowadays by zoom, but there are occasions when we not only have to but want to meet our clients face to face. They fall into five distinct categories.

  1. Meeting new prospects
  2. Conducting site surveys
  3. Conducting Liability investigations
  4. Conducting periodical reviews
  5. Dealing with serious claims on site

We always tell our clients we will never let an event happen where they are on their own talking to an external professional. We will always be there to make sure the meeting is conducted correctly and to the advantage of our client, #becauseaccidentshappen to nice people all the time.

That’s just one of the commitments we make to our clients.

Tomorrow, I get to travel down to conduct a survey in Paignton in Devon, at a client’s main site. It is one of the nice parts of my job, that occasionally I get a nice trip out and meet more of our lovely clients.

I’m hoping the sun will be shining.

Have a great week


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