Information is Power!

An uncertain world!

The world is not an easy place to be at the moment and planning for your business is never easy, especially if it involves a large team, complex arrangements and even international considerations.

Insurance is not the answer to all those problems, good planning for a range of contingencies is essential in any business, #becauseaccidentshappen, but insurance can provide the financial backstop behind some of the more serious events that might occur, such as serious physical damage, injury and death to name a few.

So how do we convince an insurer that the risk that our business presents is one which deserves the very best terms and the lowest price?

It’s all about uncertainty!

All insurance is based on either an uncertainty about whether a particular event will occur or about the frequency with which it might occur, or its severity should it occur. When accepting a business insurance, every underwriter is staking their professional reputation on the process they have followed, the terms they will apply and the premium to be charged

The way to get the best terms is to remove as much uncertainty as possible from the mind of the underwriter, so that he/she is comfortable with the risk to be taken by their company and is willing to produce advantageous terms and the lowest price.

We do this with a full and detailed fact find and a quality presentation, answering every question the underwriter might have in their mind.

So next time you are asked to provide information to your broker, remember INFORMATION IS POWER!

You have it and if you give it to us in an #openhonesttransparent manner, the better the terms we can get you and lower the premium is likely to be.

Have a great week

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