Client and advisor

An invisible benefit?

I can’t touch it, feel it or see it?

Insurance is known as a, ”Risk Transfer Mechanism” that means that for a defined financial loss (The Premium) you transfer a much bigger, but uncertain financial loss to someone else (The Insurer).

When arranged internationally the industry contributes to what are called “Invisible Exports” as part of our gross domestic product, (The size of our economy) and it is this characteristic that sometimes leads to uncertainty when bought by individuals and businesses in the UK.

In essence you are handing over money for something you can’t see, touch or feel, other than some paperwork. You are trusting that when you need the benefit of the insurance, there is no misunderstanding, and it operates as expected.

Now I’ve come across situations where the customer was disappointed in a claim situation, mostly when they bought direct, often over the internet. There was no advice about suitability from an independent adviser and whilst they had expectations about what was covered, what was not covered was not explained.

The client was left to read highly technical documents in detail and that was never going to happen. Even if they had they probably would not have understood the implications of 40 pages of policy wording. That is why you need a professional broker, who operates in an #openhonesttransparent manner.

When you buy a “Promise” you need to trust the person who sells you that promise and you need to trust that they understand what you want, the environment in which you make that purchase and the risks that you face and maybe even some you hadn’t thought about.

Its all about trust, and you can only get that from a professional, highly qualified advisor.

It’s likely to cost far less than you think and the quality of support in all circumstances is exactly what you need if the worst happens, #becauseaccidentshappen to nice people all the time.

If you want to see how that works and what it costs, then just drop me a line, for a completely no obligation chat. You never know you might learn something of value, in fact I can almost guarantee it.

Have a great day

Client and advisor

Good advice is essential in business


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