Business Women

How does that work?

It’s not necessarily what you think?

Most people would assume that an insurance broker is a SALESMAN first and a PROFESSIONAL ADVISER second. As a salesman or woman, he or she will try to get the most amount of money possible from a client, so that the COMMISSION they earn is as high as possible?

In some very limited cases you may be right, but this general misunderstanding is why the relationship between broker and client can be dysfunctional, with the client holding back exactly the information required to get the best deal.

Every professional understands that the best way to GAIN or RETAIN a client is to give them the best cover at the lowest price! For brokers who work on fixed fees not commission, this is even more obvious. If I can find you a lower premium then there might be room for a slightly bigger fee,

The client saves money overall, the broker earns a bit more, everyone wins!

This week I will be helping nice people save money, whilst making sure they have the very best cover they can afford and that it is always adequate for their needs.

This week I’m dealing with:

  • A commercial tyre fitters
  • A bathroom and kitchen company
  • A decorating contractor
  • And a Security Company

All very nice people who will get the very best service I can offer, the best cover that is available and a very competitive price

Business Women

Business women make a huge contribution to the economy

Have a great week

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