Factory Fire

The Big Three!

When considering continuity provisions for any business, we look at all the events that could interrupt the income stream of the business and prevent it from delivering its prioritised products and / or services, regardless of whether they can be insured or not.

Those that can be insured are and provision is made, but active plans will also exist for continuation after those events, along with all those things you can’t insure, including supply chain, competition, commercial risks, staff problems, contractual and legal issues to name but a few.

Of course, a comprehensive insurance programme is required, and is one of the core elements of any risk management or continuity provision.

Its three main considerations will always be:

  • Damage to Valuable Property / Assets
  • Loss of Profits following physical loss or damage
  • Legal & Financial Liabilities

There are of course many other insurable risks, and a qualified professional adviser will always look at the exposures in your business and design a programme to cover all of the potential insurable threats that have financial consequences for it.

If you want to discuss your exposures and how they can be mitigated, under a variety of different circumstances, please feel free to contact me directly, on 029 20470 375 or email nigel@severnbay.com

Always happy to have a completely obligation free chat to discuss Continuity, Insurance or Risk Management.

After all #accidentshappen to nice people all the time.

Have a great day!

Various Buildings

Property Owners and Landlords take note!

One of the simplest package policies on the market is for property owners, sometimes called landlords insurance. Everything you need in one policy. So, what is included and what is left out?

To start with you want to protect the physical structure of the building and this is done by providing cover for a specific range of “perils” such as:

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Aircraft
  • Explosion
  • Earthquake
  • Storm or Flood
  • Theft or attempted Theft
  • Impact
  • Escape of Water
  • Riots
  • Malicious Damage

Even with these covers there are exclusions, so it is vital you read the wording in detail #becauseaccidentshappen, to nice people all the time.

Cover is also available for “other” accidental damage, as well as subsidence, ground heave and landslip, but these are usually options, so check the detail.

Standard exclusions include: War, Radioactive contamination, Sonic Bangs, Changes in Water Table, Electronic Risks, Wear and Tear, deterioration, and any gradually operating cause.

Cover can be restricted for unoccupied property, or in the course of renovation, sale or repair.

Land for development can be covered, but for liability only.

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Its a journey and we know it

Today is a great day.

I get to talk to a client about one of my favourite subject, sales orientated business expansion and the processes that involves.

In my experience people simply don’t spend enough time thinking about their customers and putting them at the heart of the sales process. It about what they want, not what their customers want.

And is WANT not NEED, there is a big difference!

Its not difficult to do, but careful consideration is required to design a process that gets you a 5* Trust Pilot rating. Get it right and your business will flourish, get it wrong and it will stagnate.

Want to know the 5 simple steps to succeed at sales?

I’s easy when you know how.


Have a great day

Remember #successisachoice

You just have to decide if you want it?


What a scorcher!

Anyone working outside in the current very hot conditions could be said to be “Hot Working!”

If you’re not in an air-conditioned office today, then you will be feeling the heat one way or another.

Whether you are carrying out heavy physical labour, working underground, on the tube or in a kitchen, you will be feeling the heat and the current heatwave will only add to that.

We should all be hydrating more regularly, but now let’s look at those who are even more at risk.

Those people who are “Hot Working” on a day in and day out.

In risk management terms “Hot Working” is anything that involves the USE or APPLICATION of HEAT.

This is particularly important in situations where combustible materials are near the work being completed. So what processes are we talking about:

  • Welding and Cutting
  • Oxyacetylene or Gas
  • Arc, MIG or TIG Welding
  • Blow lamps and Blow Torches
  • Soldering
  • Heat Guns
  • Angle grinders and the like

All of the above produce heat in one form or another, and they are usually subject to what are called “Hot Working Conditions” either carried out under Health & Safety guidance of the employer or under a “Hot Work Permit” system, enforced by the company for who the work is being conducted.

In general, they include things like:

  • Access to the correct fire extinguishers
  • Removal of combustible materials from the immediate vicinity
  • Clearing up potential debris or waste
  • Maintaining a fire watch for up to two hours after work is completed
  • Signing off on the safe system of work

They are in place to make things safer #becauseaccidentshappen to nice people all the time.

Hot working?

It is today for everyone, but spare a thought for the hot working professionals, who do this day in and day out.

Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine if you can

Stay safe and stay hydrated

How to do Business!

My father taught me the important things and they still hold true today.

Business is simple, put on more than you lose, and you will grow and never sell someone a product, you would not accept yourself, in similar circumstances.

There are only 5 main reasons for losing business, a client dies, sells a property or ceases trading.

Occasionally a client will make a perverse decision. Something else is going on in their world and you will never know, so don’t sweat it, just move on. They may be back later.

Finally, if you do your job badly. This is an easy one. Just don’t do your job badly!

You can’t do anything about the first four. You can of course avoid the final one. There is no excuse for poor workmanship.

Care about your clients and understand their needs, if you can’t do that, don’t bother!

For the next two days I will be in London meeting with the Grace Gates network at Lords cricket ground, then an award-winning florist who looks after very large corporates, a specialist advisor in London law firms and the Judiciary, as well as a security firm providing close protection in the HNW space, and for C-Suite Executives in the corporate world.

Life is never boring if you just look for the opportunities

Have a great week