How to do Business!

My father taught me the important things and they still hold true today.

Business is simple, put on more than you lose, and you will grow and never sell someone a product, you would not accept yourself, in similar circumstances.

There are only 5 main reasons for losing business, a client dies, sells a property or ceases trading.

Occasionally a client will make a perverse decision. Something else is going on in their world and you will never know, so don’t sweat it, just move on. They may be back later.

Finally, if you do your job badly. This is an easy one. Just don’t do your job badly!

You can’t do anything about the first four. You can of course avoid the final one. There is no excuse for poor workmanship.

Care about your clients and understand their needs, if you can’t do that, don’t bother!

For the next two days I will be in London meeting with the Grace Gates network at Lords cricket ground, then an award-winning florist who looks after very large corporates, a specialist advisor in London law firms and the Judiciary, as well as a security firm providing close protection in the HNW space, and for C-Suite Executives in the corporate world.

Life is never boring if you just look for the opportunities

Have a great week

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