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Up until very recently car or van insurance was always sold on the basis that you own or are legally responsible for the vehicle, under lease or HP agreement and so intending to have that vehicle for some considerable time, you took out an annual insurance and built up a no claims bonus.

If that is your situation, then t is still the best way to approach motor insurance, but what if that’s not where you are or ownership, lease or hire purchase doesn’t fit your business model?

The world is becoming an increasingly complex work environment with far more people opting to work when they want, for as long as they want, with who they want and that means a long-term commitment to vehicles simply doesn’t meet their needs. No point having a work vehicle if its sits on the drive for long periods of time.

Well now there is at least another option.

If you hire a vehicle for a short period, up to a month, whether that is a car or van, then you can now get insurance to meet your short-term requirements. It also gives you an immediate quote, so you know exactly what your cost is going to be and can build it into the contract price to your customer.

If you need this type of cover, or just want to know more about it, head on over to our website and check out the “GoShorty” links under Commercial & Personal services. (GoShorty is an independent FCA regulated business.)

Short Term Car & Van Insurance – Severn Bay

You can get the right cover, for the right period to meet your needs, and it even works if your picking up a new car or trialling a possible purchase. You can get short term cover to keep you legal.

We always have the right solution for you #becauseaccidenthappen to nice people all the time.

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