World disaster

How long do you have?

If you’re running a business than “coal face” matters tend to take precedence, especially where customers direct and determine the work you need to do, and the timescales involved. After all the customer is king and if you want them to part with money, you have to provide what they want, when they want it.

But what about all those integral business running matters that you know you need to get to, but never have enough time to get to them?

Continuity, Insurance and Risk Management might not seem that important, until the proverbial hits the fan and you’re scrabbling around for solutions, to problems you had either thought were catered for, or had not even considered.

Some of the most challenging situations I have faced with clients, are the ones they never even considered. They just weren’t in their line of sight.

Everyone buys insurance, because they know they need to, but they don’t really consider the range of covers provided and more importantly they don’t understand the limitations and exclusions.

Only if you set time aside to consider these matters in detail, can you possibly understand the planning and risk management required to cover off all the events that might prevent you from delivering your products or services and which might interrupt your income stream, that are not insured and never will be.

Unfortunately, it’s too late when the event occurs!

When time has run out!

You have less than you think?

If you’d like to know how a very small investment in time and money can give you almost complete peace of mind, in your business, just message me here

Have a great week

Remember #successisachoice

You just have to decide if you want it?

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