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What’s Important?

Business Insurance is essential if you are to be resilient when the worst happens!

Luckily for most of the businesses I deal with the worst doesn’t happen regularly, but significant challenges do appear from time to time.

Sometimes it’s damage to property, an injury to an employee or a claim made against them by someone else outside the business, whether justified or not. Whatever it is, it has to be dealt with and that is essentially why you are paying your insurance premiums. Someone else deals with the problem whilst you get on with your business #becauseaccidenthappen to nice people all the time.

  • Cost
  • The cover provided
  • Understanding what you’ve bought
  • A personal relationship
  • Trust and confidence
  • All of the above?

Truth is we would all like to get all of the above, but if cost is your overriding consideration then I would argue that you will have to compromise on the rest.

Cheap cover often means a stripped-down policy with only the basics covered, no professional advice about suitability and definitely no conversation about the things that aren’t covered. So how much trust and confidence will you have in a cheap solution?

I would say that the most important thing is a professional, personal relationship with and advisor you can trust.

If you have that, you have someone who is always going to look out for your best interests, not only once a year at renewal, but throughout the time that you work together. Always there to answer questions and give timely advice when you need it. Free at the point of use. #openhonesttransparent

Get good advice and you won’t go far wrong and it doesn’t have to be expensive either.

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Insurance Advice



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