A lifebelt when you need it.

What’s important to you?

Will they never learn?

Salespeople, and before we start let me proudly declare that I am one myself. Why do they launch straight into a sales pitch! Its tedious.

It doesn’t matter how it arrives; they generally assume:

  1. I need and want what they sell
  2. That I would ditch my current provider off a cold call
  3. And that I really want to hear about their organisation

How about asking me what I need and want?

How about asking me if I have a current trusted relationship?

How about asking me if I have any problems or pains, that their product or service might address.

How about asking what’s important to me?

Then why not tell me how you differentiate yourself from everyone else and here is a pointer, being cheap isn’t the answer. that’s #openhonesttransparent.

Today is all about prospecting, building back my sales funnel, because you always need to back fill that hole, otherwise your list of target accounts just runs out.  It is a constant care, but one you ignore at your peril.

So, before I pick up the phone, send an email or a letter, you can bet your last pound that having done a decent amount of research into the target company and the business sector, my first communication will be about what prospective customers want and not what I hope to gain!

A lifebelt when you need it.

Help is at hand

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