Frustrated Customer

Pain is only weakness leaving the body, right?

It’s about your pain and how I can help you move past it, with peace of mind?

I always concentrate on the problems my clients and prospects are facing. What are those problems, how are they impacting their business, and what pain are they causing?

I do this so I can actively look at solutions which might solve those problems. It also means the solution can be tailored to their specific situation. If there are no problems, then I will respectfully bring the conversation to an end and wish them well.

Yesterday I concluded a very large client case, but the cost was very high, and it is NOT a situation I am happy with. The reasons are to do with market conditions and their perception of my client’s business.

So, I have committed to three things:

  1. I will revisit the markets that declined to get detailed information about why.
  2. I will work with the client to identify things we might change to get a better result.
  3. And I will not stop until I have found a better solution, that pleases the client.

When you care about your clients, the work never stops until they are happy. I think that’s #openhonesttransparent and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Have a great week, and remember it’s about your clients, it’s not about you.

Frustrated Customer

Client Pain

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