What’s your story?

Storytelling is part of being human!

It’s what we do, and it goes back thousands of years, but have you ever thought about the stories you tell in business?

When we engage with prospective customers, we quite naturally want to tell them everything about our business, what we do, how we differentiate ourselves and why that adds value for our clients. It’s our sales pitch, but it’s often a one-way thing and clients really aren’t that interested. They assume you can do what you say you can do anyway.

What we really should be doing is telling our prospects a story. If we craft our sales story well it adds authenticity and credibility at the same time. If we concentrate on our clients’ problems and how we solve them, it’s far more powerful than a straight-out sales pitch.

We are never going to name clients without their prior approval, but we can talk about the specific problems we found at “a client” and if the story relates to the same sector as the prospect we are talking to, then it will resonate.

Credibility is added, because the prospect now knows you understand the problems in their industry, and you should be able to solve their problems also?

Talk about your client’s problems and the solutions you provide which will bring them added value and peace of mind.

PS: Don’t talk about price, being competitive is a given anyway!

Have a great day.


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