Monday Mornings

Mondays are always busy!

Are yours structured or just a mess of reactive work?

We all have our flaws, whether its procrastination, timekeeping, organisation, scheduling or distraction, the available time we have is always under assault from a number of “inputs” and there are more of them now than there have ever been.

Email, social media, messaging apps, telephone, they are all there vying for our attention, so how about this?

  1. Restrict your inputs or schedule time for engagement
  2. When you get an input, wherever and wherever it arrives, deal with it in one of four ways:
    1. DO IT – If It takes less than 3 mins.
    2. DELEGATE – If its best done quicker by someone else.
    3. DEFER IT – To a time and place you can deal with it effectively, calendar!
    4. DELETE – If it doesn’t deserve your attention.

Finally, don’t go down rabbit holes, they are the time suckers you never see coming. Most of them fall into (c.) Make a decision about an input and stick with it.

Today I have a calendar full of meaningful work, including a provision for a Security company that needs a very specific piece of cover which only three insurers regularly provide at this level. Can you guess what it is?

Most are things I need to get done are for CLIENTS, COLLEAGUES or MYSELF!

Guard your calendar jealously, time is the one thing no one is making any more of. Schedule your work, move inputs into your calendar, and get them done.

Have a great productive Monday and then smash the week.

Monday Mornings

Organise and get stuff done

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