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I’m not a salesman!

One thing that has annoyed me for over 40 years (don’t worry it’s not a rant) is the fact that some customers refuse to enter into a partnership with a professional, who only has their best interest at heart?

For lack of the correct information about their situation we are unable to produce they result they want, and then they are dismayed that we were not able to do what they wanted.

This includes full disclosure of all relevant information about their business, all the quality information relating to security, construction, health and safety, internal processes, financial controls, operational management, to name but a few.

What we are always looking to get is the correct technical solution, at the lowest price as that is the best way to GAIN or RETAIN a client. We then disclose our fee up front, so you can see that it is reasonable and we take no commission so we are not beholden to any one insurer, making us completely independent. Working for our clients and no one else.

So do you want to work with a professional or get sold something buy a salesman. It might be cheaper but its unlikely to protect you when you need it.

Today I’m working on multi-chain bakery, preparing for meeting with the MD, an extremely nice man for whom I have the greatest regard. He’s extremely good at what he does and cares passionately about is brand and the quality of the products he manufactures and sells.

Just the sort of clients I love to work with.

Have a great day

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