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I get it, its really hard to set a formal structure in place to govern what you do in your business, day to day, week in week out. Monthly and annual tasks are easier as they occur less regularly.

How do you control your diary and make sure there is room for all those unforeseen events and urgent customer requests that throw a spanner in the works. It’s going to be different for everyone, but here’s what I do, feel free to play with it and see if it works for you.

The first thing is to block off time in your diary, guard it jealously and as far as possible stick to it!

Every weekday between 0900-1000 is reserved for clearing up my email inbox, a social media post (like this one) and a bit of social media engagement on my favourite channels. No more than three, it can be a bit of a rabbit hole!

Monday Morning at 1000 we have our one team meeting where we go through the regular tasks for the week, allocate responsibilities and agree actions and timescales. I trust me team, so nothing should get missed.

Between 1000 – 1100 every other work day, I concentrate on sales and marketing activity within the business and with my sales team.

I schedule time for scheduled system tasks at 1200 noon every workday and between 1230-1300 I schedule in some other regular tasks I need to complete.

This leaves some time between 1100-1200 for urgent tasks and the rest of the day after 1300 for client meetings and other routine activity.

Towards the end of the day I factor in time for weekly management meetings, where I touch base with co-directors and other managers in the business.

Most days it works well, some days it just doesn’t happen, but that’s OK. I always have a structure to revert to as soon as I can and I can always move things around if I have to.

What does your work week look like and how do you control your diary?

Have a great day


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