Proof of insurance

I don’t think I need this?

Everyone I deal with is insisting on proof!

If you tender for contracts, you will inevitably be asked to provide proof of your insurances. This protects the customer should a range of things happen.

But do you need everything they ask for?

Often you will be emailed a standard document which covers everything, any contractor could be asked for, regardless of whether it is necessary or not. Unfortunately, the people issuing these documents often have no understanding about the covers are relevant.

Let’s look at the covers they often ask for:

COVER                                   REQUIRED    WHY?

Public Liability                       ALWAYS         Covers damage or injury you do to other people

Products Liability                  SOMETIMES   Only if you manufacture, sell or supply a product

Employers Liability               SOMETIMES   Only if you have employees in your business

Excess Layer Liability            SOMETIMES   Only if the customer wants more than £5,000,000 cover

Professional Indemnity        SOMETIMES   Only if you give advice or a service to a recognised standard that could result in a financial loss for the customer.

We give advice all the time, even dealing direct with the customer where necessary!

Still not sure, call on 29 20 470 375 #becauseaccidentshappen to nice people all the time.

Have a great week

Proof of insurance

Necessary paperwork

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