Working From Home

Can I gain an advantage?

Today and for the next few months, I’m going to be working from home on a Wednesday, mainly to concentrate on the sales and marketing plan, to ensure a steady flow of warm opportunities for the business and my sales team.

When I work from home I still get up, wash, shave and dress for work. It’s not a grunge day, it’s a workday and I need to feel like it is. Part of that is going into my home office where work can be completed efficiently and I still, feel like I’m at work, working. Having the right space is absolutely essential.

Could I do this in the office?

Well yes, I could, but the opportunity cost is too high, let me explain.

I will inevitably lose time to work which other people would quite happily have done had I not been there and then there are the immediate tasks that arrive in my inbox, another rabbit hole to disappear down. Urgent tasks will of course get forwarded for immediate action and I can happily forget them.

Then there are the phone calls which represent lost time, when another member of the team would have dealt with the call and any resulting work to be done in a perfectly excellent way.

Before you know its midday and he rest of the day just disappears in the fall out from all those calls and emails and then it’s time to go home and I haven’t done any of the strategic planning I had hoped to achieve that day.

So today is a work day, a strategic day, a day to make our business, stronger and more successful and that fills me with the true spirit of adventure and the endless possibilities I might discover, if I just give myself a little time and space to find them.

Have a great day everyone.

Working From Home

A good set up to work from

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