Reflective moment

Restup and come back fighting!

As founders we spend our time thinking about our businesses and how we can make them better, serve more customers and develop our offering over time. Its always on our minds and it can be hard to switch off. Weekends are meant to provide that rest, but it’s just not long enough and there is always stuff to do.

If you’re in this for the long run you must take valuable time off to re-charge your batteries, but more importantly to refresh your outlook on life. New experiences, new places and new vistas open up your mind to lots of possibilities and that is good for the creative process in your business. A week or 10 days will do perfectly well.

Shortly Karen and I will take some time out of the business, assured that our team have our back and they know what to do to look after our lovely clients. All the stuff that we had to do, right up until the Monday after we return will be done, so we don’t leave our team with extra work to do.

North Africa is our destination, a beach in the sun at a lovely, peaceful, restful resort and not somewhere we have ever been before together.

We will recharge and come back with lots of great ideas and the energy to put plans into action.

Take the time you need, you’re no good to anyone burnt out, working ridiculous hours.

Have a great weekend 😊

Reflective moment

And relax……

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