End of another productive week for the Severn Bay team.

I try to reflect on what worked and what didn’t, and how I might approach certain situations in the future, always hoping that it helps us to grow the business. To that end we need to use our time productively and effectively.

I’m all for being able to respond to requests quickly and efficiently, wherever I am, but I do have one small bugbear and I’m wondering whether I’m on my own on this one?

It’s customers who, without any real emergency, communicate routine requests late into the evening, by any one of several different means and these days there are enough, including:

·        Email
·        Phone
·        Text
·        Messenger
·        Facebook
·        LinkedIn Messages
·        Wattsapp

And many more……………………

Emails not too bad it can sit there until the morning when I will deal with it in my normal workflow and I’m pretty sure that is what the client expects.

If someone uses the phone, its normally because the proverbial has hit the fan, and we will react immediately, but all the others almost demand an immediate response, its hard to ignore them when they are just sitting there staring at you.

I’ve already turned most of the notifications off and am actively considering disconnecting from some of them. If a client wants a routine action, then email is fine, if its urgent phone!

I intend to have a restful weekend, might go for a little trail run tomorrow morning, do some reading and unless an emergency arises, I shall not be working.

Have a great weekend, slow down, rest and recuperate, life is fast enough already.

Smart Phone

Multiple Messaging Apps


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