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Monday morning again and I just love them!

Got to love a Monday morning, especially when the sun is shining and you love the work you do!

I don’t know if this is you, but I used to love the first day of a school year. It’s safe to say I wasn’t an academic child, but it didn’t matter what had happened the previous year or what my results had been, the new school year gave me a chance to start all over again.

Now after 40 years in business, Monday mornings make me feel exactly the same.

  1. An opportunity to be a better leader than I was the week before
  2. An opportunity to help my team members grow and be successful
  3. An opportunity to help customers and protect their businesses
  4. An opportunity to grow our business so everyone is rewarded
  5. An opportunity to be the best husband and father I can be

Now I love to talk about insurance, Risk Management and Continuity, I can hear you all yawning already, that’s fine its my thing not yours, but what I like even more is helping people understand the environment in which they operate, so they can stay safe, and their businesses and their careers can flourish and grow.

One of the things I tell all my team members, is to ask questions.

It is probably the most important skill in any workplace.  It’s not weakness to ask when you don’t know, its intelligence. Any half decent employer understands this and will welcome the opportunity to increase your skills, so you are more productive and professional.

After all, how else are you going to learn?

After 40 years In business, I’ve probably made every mistake it’s possible to make, but I have learned, many times over, so I want to be #openhonesttransparent.

What I like most of all is to apply those lessons to other people’s situations, and help them, so they don’t have to make the same mistakes I made.

Got a problem, not sure how to solve it, well I’m happy to give business owners 100% of the knowledge and experience I’ve gained over those 40 years. It doesn’t have to be insurance related, in fact it’s more fun if it isn’t.

And what’s more, it’s completely FREE of CHARGE!

All you have to do is ask?

jump for joy


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