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It says “Solutions” in our business title!

So, what does that mean for the clients we interact with?

As a professional in financial services, I like to think that I know what is most important to my clients, but of course like any other professional that view is skewed by my perception, which as with anyone is my reality.

I am however sufficiently reflective and thoughtful enough to understand that is probably not the truth. My clients have their own reality and will have priorities affected by a number of different characteristics, which might include:

  • The age of their business
  • The sector in which they operate
  • Regulatory pressures
  • Labour related matters
  • Competition
  • And profitability

So, I am asking this question with a genuine interest and to find out where customers current pain points are and what are the factors causing problems at the moment.

So here we go, what is your main concern?

  1. Cost
  2. Technical solutions and cover
  3. Professional Relationships
  4. Something else? (Comment below)

If I can better understand the problems clients and potential clients are facing, I can better design the solutions to take account of those problems.

I don’t want to shoehorn clients into off the shelf options, I want to design continuity, insurance and risk management solutions specifically for them.

Have a great week 😊

Nigel A Adams

Founder Director

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