Building Fire

Claim and counter claim

This week, because my claims manager is away, I have dealt with several claims myself. A theft of tools from a building site, a vehicle fire and a theft of goods from a third-party haulier acting for a client. We don’t earn any money dealing with claims, but it is the most important part of our job.

Let me explain:

Occasionally and only very occasionally we lose a client on price alone and for no other reason and that is very disappointing.

I can point out all the advantages of dealing with us over dealing with another broker or heaven forbid arranging insurance direct, but if price is the only consideration, we occasionally lose a client, and we stick to our principles and charge a fare fee for the work we do and will not compromise on that.

In a lot of these cases there is a common thread, and that is that the client will have never had a claim and that is good for them, but it means they have never experienced that side of our business and how we handle those matters when clients need us most.

Neither will they have ever seen the way our team spring into action to ensure the client has the right advice at the right time.

We never simply hand our clients over to an insurer, we would never do that, we practice active claims management and make sure the claim goes in quickly, in the correct format to ensure maximum success and that we push insures constantly to get a resolution or settlement as soon as possible.

There is also all the advice and guidance we can give clients about restoration, trusted contractors, approved adjustors, chartered surveyors and all the additional information required to settle the claim quickly.

If a client never has a claim, how are they going to know about the quality of the recommendation we’ve made, or the quality of service we provide a when a claim occurs?

Now I genuinely hope our clients never have to make a claim, reality is I know they will sooner or later, but a small part of me relishes the opportunity when they do, but only because I know we have an opportunity to shine.

Being there when our client need us and showing them why they made the right purchase.

If you or a friend are having a problem with a claim, happy to chat it over and provide advice and I can tell you how I once got a client £25,000 in the space of 5 days, when his current broker had wiped his hands of the situation.

Just give us a call on 02920 470375

What have you got to lose?

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