Increasing costs

Oh no, not again!

Your business or professional insurance is due for renewal.

A week before you get a pleasant email from the provider or broker with your renewal quote.

It’s gone up again, for no particular reason.

Out of apathy or resignation you pay the bill and get on with your life.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, there is a solution and its easier than you think.

Work with a broker whose interests are directly aligned with yours.

Fixed fees and no commission conflict, just the lowest price available every year.

At Severn Bay Corporate Solutions that is exactly what we do

  • The Correct Technical Solution
  • At the Lowest Price
  • Declare a fixed fee which carries no tax, before you decide.

Our guarantee – That we will do that, this year, next year and every year you stay with us.

You get a professional relationship, great advice, a fully managed claims service and the cheapest price available every year.

What’s not to like?

Head on over to and book your discovery call now!

Remember, there is another way.

Have a great day 😎

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