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Always by your side

Always by your side. I’m sure there’s a song in there somewhere, maybe Barbara Streisand, now I’m really showing my age. The oldies are the goodies anyway. And some things never change, insurers still want to carry out physical surveys of premises, ask questions and generally have a poke around, to see exactly what the […]

How does that work?

It’s not necessarily what you think? Most people would assume that an insurance broker is a SALESMAN first and a PROFESSIONAL ADVISER second. As a salesman or woman, he or she will try to get the most amount of money possible from a client, so that the COMMISSION they earn is as high as possible? […]

It all starts at home!

And it doesn’t have to be complicated Whenever I have had to train new entrants into the world of insurance, we always start with a basic household policy. It is the simplest form of policy for damage to property. If I can get a new team member to understand the cover provided, they can move […]

An invisible benefit?

I can’t touch it, feel it or see it? Insurance is known as a, ”Risk Transfer Mechanism” that means that for a defined financial loss (The Premium) you transfer a much bigger, but uncertain financial loss to someone else (The Insurer). When arranged internationally the industry contributes to what are called “Invisible Exports” as part […]

There is only one right way to do this!

Wish it were so! It’s frustrating when we find clients who have purchased insurance from another provider or broker, and the product they have bought does not meet their needs, #becauseaccidentshappen to nice people all the time. Whether that is because the provider didn’t understand their business, or the client didn’t explain what they do […]

It’s not complicated, is it?

If you have a legal matter to resolve, you call a solicitor or a barrister. If you need your accounts prepared or audited, you get an accountant and if you want a building surveyed, designed and built you call a chartered surveyor and an architect. Why, because you generally understand that there are complicated matters […]

That’s a perverse decision!

Why would you do that? It makes no sense whatsoever and that tells me that you have no understanding of value of the advisers you deal with. A client asked us to put forward a complex solution, in a difficult market. Having conducted a substantial piece of work for them, we delivered a solution that […]

Start as you mean to go on!

And there they were, gone! At times in business you find that due to illness holidays or other reasons, your team can be down as much as 40%, such is our lot for the next 10 days. Am i worried about workload, no I am not! If your business is set up correctly and you […]