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How long do you have?

If you’re running a business than “coal face” matters tend to take precedence, especially where customers direct and determine the work you need to do, and the timescales involved. After all the customer is king and if you want them to part with money, you have to provide what they want, when they want it. […]

Always on demand!

Up until very recently car or van insurance was always sold on the basis that you own or are legally responsible for the vehicle, under lease or HP agreement and so intending to have that vehicle for some considerable time, you took out an annual insurance and built up a no claims bonus. If that […]

Where did my money go and how can I get it back?

Just because you have a financial loss, doesn’t mean your insurance will pay up, so understanding what is and what is not covered is crucial in business, #becauseaccidentshappen to nice people all the time. The first concept to understand about insurance, is that it centres around specific events, such as: Fire Lightning Explosion Earthquake Aircraft […]

Property Owners and Landlords take note!

One of the simplest package policies on the market is for property owners, sometimes called landlords insurance. Everything you need in one policy. So, what is included and what is left out? To start with you want to protect the physical structure of the building and this is done by providing cover for a specific […]

Its a journey and we know it

Today is a great day. I get to talk to a client about one of my favourite subject, sales orientated business expansion and the processes that involves. In my experience people simply don’t spend enough time thinking about their customers and putting them at the heart of the sales process. It about what they want, […]

What a scorcher!

Anyone working outside in the current very hot conditions could be said to be “Hot Working!” If you’re not in an air-conditioned office today, then you will be feeling the heat one way or another. Whether you are carrying out heavy physical labour, working underground, on the tube or in a kitchen, you will be […]