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Trusted Advisors

Back in the office today after a long day in Telford and Birmingham yesterday, but wow was it worth it. I co-sponsored an event with Barrie Ross-Dow of Quantuma and we had 116 lawyers and financial professionals in the room, great energy and lots of interesting conversations. Exciting times, who knows where they will go? […]

All work and no play

Its absolutely essential that all members of staff feel able to take a break re-charge batteries and come back refreshed, energised and enthusiastic for the work we do. Nothing disappoints clients more than a lacklustre approach to meeting their needs.

What does resilience mean to you?

In business we think about growth and development plans all the time. How are we going to get from where we are now, to where we want to be in 5, 10,15 or 20 years time. How do we structure our business to achieve those aims and goals? We know there are many things that […]

It’s a new dawn and a new day and I’m feeling good!

Bet you just sung that with a southern twang? What gets you going on a Monday morning? For me its knowing that I can make a real difference to people who care about getting the right advice at the right time. If they are prepared to engage with me and let me find out all […]

The odd one out!

Most liability cover is about two things, DAMAGE to property or INJURY to people. Its really that simple, although of course the devil is always in the detail, but what about the odd one out! PI Cover (Professional Indemnity) also known as professional liability, is very different. It is not primarily concerned with damage or […]

Cyber risks, are they real?

Cyber risks are very real, but it’s a very old story. Criminals will take advantage of any situation if they think there is an angle where they can make money and if that means stealing yours, digitally or remotely they will. Its just another opportunity to them. But what should you really be worried about! […]

Claim and counter claim

This week, because my claims manager is away, I have dealt with several claims myself. A theft of tools from a building site, a vehicle fire and a theft of goods from a third-party haulier acting for a client. We don’t earn any money dealing with claims, but it is the most important part of […]