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Big savings all around!

We are really passionate about our fee over commission model which is open, honest and transparent. What’s more it delivers real savings to our clients, often between 20%-30% and that just by discounting the commission which would have been available and replacing it with a tax free fee, that is reasonable. We recently saved one […]

Corporate Continuity – Part 6

Now to make sure it all works, and we have enhanced operational resilience across the organisation. The final stage in any good continuity plan is VALIDATION. We need to know that the programme will remain effective, because things change in any organisation and continued validation will ensure overall resilience is maintained. Validation is achieved by […]

Corporate Continuity – Part 5

Do what you say you will do! Once we have completed the first four stages of the continuity process: Policy & Programme Management Embedding continuity throughout the organisation Analysis of Business Impacts Designed solutions We move on to the IMPLEMENTATION phase, which is where we actually bring continuity to life within the business, driving real […]

Corporate Continuity – Part 3

The devil is always in the detail. And now the real work starts, we get down to the nitty gritty. We’ve got management buy in and explained to the whole organisation why business continuity is important and now we have to deep dive into the organisation and look at the events which could interrupt it […]

Corporate Continuity – Part 2

Embedding Continuity How long will that take? I really need to get this done quickly. Once I have buy in from the top management in an organisation, I need to “embed” business continuity within it. To do this you almost need to talk to every member of staff, and at the very least all the […]

Cardiff then and now!

We all know that Cardiff is probably the greatest Edwardian city in the UK, built on the back of coal from the Welsh valleys and the docks built by the Marquis of Bute. This country and this city powered the industrial revolution throughout the British Empire and the rest of the world. Even Professor Alice […]

Business Continuity Part1

Policy & Programme Management Are you up for this? Occasionally when I meet a client to discuss continuity planning, I am met with a board who have another agenda, but it becomes clear quickly. I either get enthusiastic buy in from the board or just one director has been delegated to deal with it and […]