Why would you do that?

One of the things I often find frustrating in my interactions with new prospects, is that some of them don’t want to tell me what I need to know, to get the result they want.

Why would you do that?

As a professional I think its my job to educate clients, so they can make better informed decisions. You can’t do that if you don’t have all the information.

They can’t do it and I can’t either.

If you engage with a professional you need to tell them everything about your business and how you operate, otherwise you won’t get the right advice.

Sometimes I think they think, If they tell me everything they do, the price will be higher?

It won’t be higher, it will be the correct price for the risk exposure associated with the activity.

If you don’t tell me everything you do, then don’t be surprised if there’s a claim, that your insurers avoid it on the basis of misrepresentation.

Basically, “you didn’t tell us you did that!”

All you will be holding is a very expensive bit of paper, because the insurance won’t do what you need it to do, when you need it to do it, and that’s what matters most.

1. Open up.
2. Get the right advice.
3. Pay the correct premium
4. Sit back and relax

Have a great weekend everyone 😎


Frustrated Customer

WWW the widest choice in the world, or is it?

When people start a business, they simply don’t know what is required and if it’s a very simple start-up, they often just go straight to the internet and start filling in online requests!


Because they believe its where they will get the widest choice and the most competitive premium.

The problem with this is they assume that what they ask for is what they are going to get and that is not always the case!

Going online for complex financial services is simply like walking into a supermarket.

What you see on the shelves is what is available. There might be much better options on quality and price, but you will never see them.

In some cases, there is only one product and because it’s the only one they have, that is what will be put in front of you. Suitable or not!

  • No advice
  • No guidance
  • No knowledge to make an informed decision
  • No professional selection

A professional broker will give you all of these and make sure the solution is tailored to your needs, #becauseaccidentshappen to nice people all the time.

What’s more because of the wide selection of insurer’s we can approach, our price is very often better than the internet.

Professional advice and guidance at no extra cost, why would you do anything else?

Just get in touch and let us guide you through the minefield 029 20 470 375

Have a great day 😊

Severn Bay Logo

Our Unique Service Proposition.

At Severn Bay Corporate Solutions, we arrange Continuity, Insurance and Risk Management solutions, for businesses and property owners, #becauseaccidentshappen to nice people all the time.

We TRUST you to disclose everything you know is important and you TRUST us to search out and find the best solution that meets your needs:

We will promise that:

  • All our communications will be clear and concise
  • We will get you the correct technical solution
  • At the lowest price available in the market
  • We will declare our fee up front so you can see that it is reasonable
  • We will save you up to 30% on your current spend

We will do this because we know it is the best way to GAIN or RETAIN clients for our business.

As wholly independent brokers, not tied to or beholden to any provider, we can search an extensive range of products, and tailor a solution to your specific needs.

We do that work for you, so you don’t have to waste precious time without the knowledge or experience to make value judgements about the suitability of what you purchase.

If you’d like a grown-up conversation about your requirements, one built on trust and a long-term relationship, just get in touch and speak to one of our professionally qualified advisers.

Have a great day 😎


Insurance Review

A Full Open Market Review.

When di you last have a full, open market review of your business insurance programme?

  1. In the last 12 months
  2. Over 3 Years ago

If the answer is (2) you could be missing out on saving £1,000’s of pounds in premium.

The insurance market is dynamic and prices move all the time, some insurers come into sectors and some move out.

If you haven’t reviewed your programme for over 3 years just follow this link to book a full review:-

Save 30% on your insurance – Severn Bay

Have a great day


A quick question?

A quick question?

This will only take a second.

I’m always interested to find out what my prospective clients think about their insurances, how much they care about what is provided and the relationship they have with their current providers.

If you are with your current insurance provider, but unhappy with the cost, what strategy would you adopt when the renewal is due?

  • Early engagement
  • Market search
  • Not interested
  • Something else?

Any further comments below please.

Have a great week

Increasing costs

Oh no, not again!

Your business or professional insurance is due for renewal.

A week before you get a pleasant email from the provider or broker with your renewal quote.

It’s gone up again, for no particular reason.

Out of apathy or resignation you pay the bill and get on with your life.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, there is a solution and its easier than you think.

Work with a broker whose interests are directly aligned with yours.

Fixed fees and no commission conflict, just the lowest price available every year.

At Severn Bay Corporate Solutions that is exactly what we do

  • The Correct Technical Solution
  • At the Lowest Price
  • Declare a fixed fee which carries no tax, before you decide.

Our guarantee – That we will do that, this year, next year and every year you stay with us.

You get a professional relationship, great advice, a fully managed claims service and the cheapest price available every year.

What’s not to like?

Head on over to and book your discovery call now!

Remember, there is another way.

Have a great day 😎

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Big savings all around!

We are really passionate about our fee over commission model which is open, honest and transparent.

What’s more it delivers real savings to our clients, often between 20%-30% and that just by discounting the commission which would have been available and replacing it with a tax free fee, that is reasonable.

We recently saved one client with a multi-site retail business over £7,000 on an original spend of over £25,000.

What’s really disheartening is that the broker they had been using for many years kept them on a high commission paying product, which was actually missing an essential piece of cover.

We gave them the right product, at the right price and not only included the essential piece of missing cover, but also added full commercial legal expenses and loss recovery insurance as well.

If you’re going to do the job, do it well, and we always do 😎

Have a great day.

Important numbers

Top Tips

Here are 2 top tips to keep the cost down, when arranging your business insurances.

There are 3 numbers which are used to calculate the premium, they are:

  1. Physical sums insured
  2. Gross Profit
  3. Turnover
  4. Wages

Top Tip 1

Both (1) & (2) need to be accurate as these are values on which your claims will be based. If they are too low, your claims will be reduced by the amount of under insurance as a percentage %

They should be the replacement cost ITEMS or the cost to reinstate BUILDINGS.

Top Tip 2

Both (3) & (4) are simply used to calculate the premium once a year. They are not sums insured, so whilst they need to be reasonable, they should not be overstated. If they are, you are simply going to pay an increased premium based on something which hasn’t yet happened. Last years actual is a perfectly good number.

Brokers working on commission will want the higher figures, because they will earn more money.

Because we work on fixed fees, not commission, we will never ask you to overstate these numbers.

We want to keep your premium as low as possible, because we know that will make you happy.

Have a great day 😊

Busy Day Today

Busy Day Today!

Mondays are always busy, as we have a round of meetings first thing to set up our working week.

We cover everything that is important, so we all know exactly what we are doing, whose responsible for what and what needs to be done.

We set an agenda and follow it through, it includes:

  • Diary Check
  • Strategic Management Matters
  • Renewal work
  • Claims status
  • Financial Matters – Aged debtors
  • AOB

Everyone gets to participate and everyone’s input and opinions are considered, discussed and addressed.

By the end of the meeting I know I can leave all my colleagues to get on and do the necessary work for the week to be a success.

If they need me (wherever I am) they know my door is open or I’m only a phone call away.

This week I will personally be dealing with:

  1. An importer and reseller of kitchen and bathroom fittings
  2.  The fleet of a local bakery, with multiple shops
  3. Statutory Inspections for a plant and seed business in Paignton
  4. The combined solution for an international packaging company, specialising in retail bags
  5. And Private Medical Insurance for an accountancy practice

Have a great and busy week, the alternative is not attractive 😀😀

SB Logo

Education, Education, Education!

I always say my job is to educate clients to make better informed buying decisions, and if I get that right it means they should continue to place their business with us. That’s not condescending at all. There is no reason they should know the detail of what we do, unless it’s been explained.

That means I have to explain in simple, non-jargon terms:

  • Why we do what we do.
  • How we do it.
  • How we add value for our clients.

In very simple terms, how we support our clients by getting the correct technical solution, at the most competitive price available in the market, declaring our fee up front before a decision is made, so our clients can see that what we earn is reasonable. This often saves them up to 30% on their current insurance spend, and often enhances the cover they have.

This week I’m helping a variety of customers to get the vey best deal possible. They include:

  • A construction training company – Professional Indemnity
  • A mobile site guarding security business – Fleet Insurance & Liabilities
  • 3 Import / export businesses – Marine Cargo, Storage & Liabilities
  • A regional bakery with several shops – Fleet insurance
  • And an importer of plants and seeds – Engineering Inspection services

These are just a few of the clients we help and the solutions we provide and we’d love to see if we can help you?

If you’d like to know how we can save you up to 30%, using our fee only (nil commission) model I’d love to have that conversation.

Don’t leave it too late, the more time we have the more certain we are that we can get the result you want.

You can book a call at or call 029 20 470 375 for a chat.

Have a great day 😊