One Small Thought

One Small Thought

Its Friday and I’m feeeeeeeeeeeeeeling good!

(I’m sure there’s a song in there somewhere, Nina Simon or something similar)

I got a bit reflective and came to a few conclusions.

  • Life is not a rehearsal; you don’t get to come back for a second go. Kick the arse out of it whilst your here. No regrets at the end, about what you didn’t do!
  • Love what you do for a living, give it 100% and care about it. If you don’t, do something else. You can change your life whenever you want, you just have to decide.
  • In business play with the ladies and gentlemen, not the players. Time is too short to manage difficult people, move on without them, you will be much happier in the end.
  • Love who you are, whoever you are, whatever you are and don’t apologise for it.
  • Having said that, if you do something stupid, apologise quickly, profusely and mean it. We all make mistakes, that’s human, what matters is how you deal with it.
  • No one owns you and no one gets to define who you are and what you should be. If the haters hate, just ignore them. They are completely irrelevant to who and what you are.
  • Social media is a personal and business tool, its useful, but it’s not reality. Use it sparingly and don’t get sucked in to thinking its real. If you can make valuable connections that’s good, but then cement them in the real world or it means nothing.
  • The world is pretty dull without that group of connected people you call family and friends. Spend time with them, love them, even if they are weird sometimes. They will love you back and there isn’t anything better in life.

That’s it for Friday, have a great weekend, raise a glass of wine and enjoy!

BIBA 2023

BIBA 2023 Manchester Central

As a proud member of The British Insurance Brokers Association for over 40 years, and now as a board member, I can say without any hesitation that the BIBA conference in May each year, bringing brokers and insurers together in one place for three days, is one of the best and most productive weeks of the year.

This year the theme is “Rising to the Challenge” The BIBA Conference 2023 | The British Insurance Brokers’ Association

If you have annual arrangements you wish to arrange or renew, doing it at the BIBA conference each year is probably the most effective way. The range of providers present and more importantly decision makers, all in one place make for an excellent conference.

Add to that the line up of keynote speakers and sessions each year, bring everyone up to date with what’s new and emerging as well as all the legal and regulatory matters that will affect our businesses going forward over the next 3 – 5 years. If you are an insurance professional #biba2023 is the place to be.

It’s also nice to be in the middle of something which has been in planning for the last 12 months, leading directly from the manifesto which is published in January each year. In 2023 we are #managingrisk & #deliveryingstability.

Looking forward to meeting friends old and new and securing services that will directly benefit our clients going forward.

Have a great week, I know I will.




jump for joy

Monday morning again and I just love them!

Got to love a Monday morning, especially when the sun is shining and you love the work you do!

I don’t know if this is you, but I used to love the first day of a school year. It’s safe to say I wasn’t an academic child, but it didn’t matter what had happened the previous year or what my results had been, the new school year gave me a chance to start all over again.

Now after 40 years in business, Monday mornings make me feel exactly the same.

  1. An opportunity to be a better leader than I was the week before
  2. An opportunity to help my team members grow and be successful
  3. An opportunity to help customers and protect their businesses
  4. An opportunity to grow our business so everyone is rewarded
  5. An opportunity to be the best husband and father I can be

Now I love to talk about insurance, Risk Management and Continuity, I can hear you all yawning already, that’s fine its my thing not yours, but what I like even more is helping people understand the environment in which they operate, so they can stay safe, and their businesses and their careers can flourish and grow.

One of the things I tell all my team members, is to ask questions.

It is probably the most important skill in any workplace.  It’s not weakness to ask when you don’t know, its intelligence. Any half decent employer understands this and will welcome the opportunity to increase your skills, so you are more productive and professional.

After all, how else are you going to learn?

After 40 years In business, I’ve probably made every mistake it’s possible to make, but I have learned, many times over, so I want to be #openhonesttransparent.

What I like most of all is to apply those lessons to other people’s situations, and help them, so they don’t have to make the same mistakes I made.

Got a problem, not sure how to solve it, well I’m happy to give business owners 100% of the knowledge and experience I’ve gained over those 40 years. It doesn’t have to be insurance related, in fact it’s more fun if it isn’t.

And what’s more, it’s completely FREE of CHARGE!

All you have to do is ask?

jump for joy