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What a liability!

In business you insure STUFF you can see touch and feel!

You insure your LOSS OF PROFIT or REVENUE if the worst happens!

Lastly you insure your LIABILITIES, for everything you’ve ever done or will do.

This last category, Liabilities is by far the most important as this is where the biggest losses are likely to be and now with the advent of No Win, No Fee lawyers it is easier then ever for someone to have a go at you, often at no cost to themselves.


There are 4 main concerns, they are:

El = EMPLOYERS LIABILITY – Injury to employees or damage to their property

The only Liability cover required by Law, with heavy fines or even jail terms for non-compliance

Pl = PUBLIC LIABILITY – Covers damage to property or injury to people outside your business.

PD = PRODUCTS LIABILITY – Covers damage to property or injury to customers, by the product you manufacture, sell or supply.

PI = PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITY – Covers financial losses of your clients, where they allege the loss results from your negligence, errors, or omissions.



EL – £10 Million as standard & £5 Million for terrorism, although only £2 Million required by law.

PL/PD – £2 Million base level, although, £5 more standard. Extra layers as required.

PI – £100,000 base level, with limits up to £5 Million not unusual


Obviously, there are lots of specific circumstances, for instance medical negligence PI often covers bodily injury also. If you can think of a situation where a Duty of Care arises, and that is almost any situation where you take some money off someone, to do a thing or sell a product, then an insurance contract will exist to cover the liability that arises.

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Driving You Mad!

Let’s talk about motor insurance.

Along with Employers Liability Insurance (yes I know I bang on about it) Motor insurance for damage or injury to other people (Third Party Cover) is the only other compulsory insurance in the UK at the moment.

Some businesses have to have certain insurances to trade, but these are stipulated by regulatory bodies, not by statute law.

Let’s talk about COVER!

You will all be familiar with TPO – Third Party Only cover, which just about covers the legal requirement, then TPFT – Third Party Fire & Theft and Finally Comp – Comprehensive cover which covers damage to your own vehicle as well.

In truth nowadays TPO, TPFT are pretty defunct and almost all cover is Comprehensive. The main reason is that the biggest claims are the TP claims for injury, and Theft and Own Damage don’t add too much to the insurance cost.

Let’s talk about who can DRIVE!

Driving can be Insured Only, Insured & Spouse, Plus Other Named Drivers, then Any Driver, sometimes with an age stipulation, Over 21, 25 or 30. These restrictions often apply to sports models, or expensive vehicles. If imposed voluntarily they can reduce the premium.

Finally Let’s talk about USE!

This can be:

  • Social Domestic & Pleasure Only, then you can add Commuting to and from work.
  • Once you add Business Use by the insured in person, it becomes CLASS 1
  • Then adding business of the employer or partner, it become CLASS 2
  • Then adding commercial travelling it becomes CLASS 3
  • For commercial Vehicle you can add Carriage of your own Goods
  • Carriage of good for hire or reward – General Haulage
  • Privet Hire for taxis and the like.
  • Motor Traders get cover for Any Vehicle in their Care, Custody or Control

So that’s Motor Insurance in a nutshell.

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Increasing costs

Oh no, not again!

Your business or professional insurance is due for renewal.

A week before you get a pleasant email from the provider or broker with your renewal quote.

It’s gone up again, for no particular reason.

Out of apathy or resignation you pay the bill and get on with your life.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, there is a solution and its easier than you think.

Work with a broker whose interests are directly aligned with yours.

Fixed fees and no commission conflict, just the lowest price available every year.

At Severn Bay Corporate Solutions that is exactly what we do

  • The Correct Technical Solution
  • At the Lowest Price
  • Declare a fixed fee which carries no tax, before you decide.

Our guarantee – That we will do that, this year, next year and every year you stay with us.

You get a professional relationship, great advice, a fully managed claims service and the cheapest price available every year.

What’s not to like?

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Remember, there is another way.

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Corporate Continuity – Part 5

Do what you say you will do!

Once we have completed the first four stages of the continuity process:

  1. Policy & Programme Management
  2. Embedding continuity throughout the organisation
  3. Analysis of Business Impacts
  4. Designed solutions

We move on to the IMPLEMENTATION phase, which is where we actually bring continuity to life within the business, driving real change at all levels, so that continuity becomes “Business as Usual”.

To do this we have to:

  • Identify the responsible individuals
  • Develop a draft response structure for top management consideration
  • Document and publish the approved structure
  • Implement the structure within any current continuity plans
  • Rehearse the structure as part of the continuity plan

Response structures will depend on the size and complexity of the organisation and the number of locations. Response structures need to be developed at several levels within the organisations, these are:

  • Strategic – Top Management / Board Level
  • Tactical – Mid Level management at organisation or division level
  • Operational – Detailed operation plans, departments and locations

Responsibilities need to be agreed along with authorities, matching competencies, then implementing and rehearsing team capabilities. There also need s to be a maintenance schedule to update plans as required.

So, lets get this show on the road!

Have a great day