Trusted Advisors

Back in the office today after a long day in Telford and Birmingham yesterday, but wow was it worth it. I co-sponsored an event with Barrie Ross-Dow of Quantuma and we had 116 lawyers and financial professionals in the room, great energy and lots of interesting conversations. Exciting times, who knows where they will go?

There are undeniably lots of different ways to prospect for new business, which is why it’s called the marketing mix, they include:

·        Cold Calling in person or by phone

·        Direct mail

·        Flyers & posters

·        Email campaigns

·        Social media

·        Referral marketing

·        Partners & introducers

·        Sponsored events

·        Expos, seminars, the list goes on…

Whilst the first three are very direct, they have a low hit rate, but if you want volume it has to be the way to go. Its quick and efficient but you need good information before you start. Quality of data is at the very heart of this approach.

My colleague Richard Brice and I are about to embark on a bit of face-to-face cold calling, talking to nice people on trading estates, at their businesses, who often struggle to find the right advisors.

It’s also very good because we can “LOOK” at the businesses and qualify them on the spot. An afternoon every couple of weeks through the summer should set up a nice little pipeline of businesses to approach during the winter months.

The best way by far, however, has always been to build relationships other trusted advisors, as a warm referral from is likely to have a far higher hit rate than anything else. If the client trusts that advisor, it carries over to you. You are also likely to get information in advance, you would normally have to dig out in a lengthy process, so you are more likely to succeed.

I’m off to London tomorrow, on the early train, to do build more relationships at the The Executives’ Association of Great Britain (EAGB)

If you ever want an invite, just let me know?

Have a great day 😊