The Milky Way

The meaning of life, the universe and everything?

And the answer isn’t 42, unless your a great fan of Douglas Adams. None of us are ever likely to find out what it is, although personal happiness, companionship and contentment come pretty close in my book.

So its no wonder to me that people don’t often put a very high regard on their business insurances, after all they come a pretty remote second to all of the above, on a day to day basis.

Think about them once a year and forget them until you need them, or not at all.

It has been my life’s work, so its important to me, but the most important factor is protecting people, their businesses and therefore all the things i mentioned in the first paragraph.

Happiness and contentment go out the window when serious interruptions occur to business and the lifestyle that it pays for is threatened.

This week I am actively looking at the renewal of two solutions for clients of mine. All the way through I will concentrate on:

  1. The correct technical solution
  2. At the lowest price
  3. Disclose our fee up front so my clients can see it is reasonable

Want to know how I do that?

No, you don’t and quite right too, that’s what I get paid for, #becauseaccidentshappen to nice people all the time, whilst you get on with your business and concentrate on having a nice happy life.

If you want to know more just one of our lovely people on 029 20 470 370 or email

Have a great weekend everyone 😊

The Milky Way

Awesome night sky