Sun Hat

All work and no play

Makes Jack a dull boy,

Another good week helping lots of nice people, #becauseaccidentshappen all the time.

This week we have helped:

  • An importer of domestic goods
  • A publisher of children’s books
  • A London construction company
  • A South Wales based charity and
  • A Training company in the construction industry

You might think I’m going to whinge about the lack of staff during the holiday period, but I’m not.

Its absolutely essential that all members of staff feel able to take a break re-charge batteries and come back refreshed, energised and enthusiastic for the work we do. Nothing disappoints clients more than a lacklustre approach to meeting their needs.

That applies to founders and owners as much as anyone else, so this weekend I will breath in the fresh air, relax, drink some wine, enjoy the sun, (if it appears) and if the heat allows go for a nice run, with friends. I might even pick up a pen and start writing another book.

These are just some of the things I do to come back on Monday morning refreshed and excited for the coming week.

We are all different, so what do you love to do on the weekends?

(Please don’t say work or planning for company growth)