Its a team thing!

This weekend my friends and I at Penarth and Dinas Runners completed a 209 mile odyssey, The Welsh Castles Relay race from Caernarvon to Cardiff over two days.

It attracts many fine performance running clubs from all over the UK and we have been consistently in the top half of the finishing clubs for the last 35 years.

It is amazing event which happens every year, involving 20 legs (10 each day) Each person runs only one leg, but the event requires at least another 10 people to drive vehicles, get people to the start lines and pick them up, and organise food and accommodation for the Friday and Saturday night.

What makes this possible is a fantastic team spirit, and a group of people with no egos on display, just great people striving to achieve a great result for each other and for our club.

If you’re team is made up of high performing individuals more concerned about how they do individually, but you don’t have a team spirit where the people who aren’t front and centre don’t receive recognition for their contribution, you will never achieve the most that you could and sooner or later they are likely to leave and go where that recognition is given.

In your team, everyone should be valued from the top to the bottom and everyone should feel they made a significant contribution to the final result.

Have a great week.