Big savings all around!

We are really passionate about our fee over commission model which is open, honest and transparent.

What’s more it delivers real savings to our clients, often between 20%-30% and that just by discounting the commission which would have been available and replacing it with a tax free fee, that is reasonable.

We recently saved one client with a multi-site retail business over £7,000 on an original spend of over £25,000.

What’s really disheartening is that the broker they had been using for many years kept them on a high commission paying product, which was actually missing an essential piece of cover.

We gave them the right product, at the right price and not only included the essential piece of missing cover, but also added full commercial legal expenses and loss recovery insurance as well.

If you’re going to do the job, do it well, and we always do 😎

Have a great day.

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